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Governance of SE17

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Constitution and Bylaws or download a PDF version


In order to protect the privacy of the officers, detailed contact information may only be viewed by our members on the Membership list. The President, Executive Director, Bibliographer, Public Relations Officer and Website Editor may be contacted directly by both non-members and members by clicking on their title in the list below.

Francis Assaf
Department of Romance Languages
University of Georgia
Audrey Calefas-Strebelle
Department of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy
Mills College
Past President
Faith Beasley
Department of French and Italian
Dartmouth College
Executive Director
Katherine Dauge-Roth
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
Bowdoin College
Stella Spriet
Department of Languages and Literature and Cultural Studies
University of Saskatchewan
Public Relations Officer
Jean Leclerc
Department of French Studies
University of Western Ontario
Cahiers Editor
Jean-Vincent Blanchard
Department of French and Francophone Studies
Swarthmore College
Website Editor
Charlotte Trinquet
Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
University of Central Florida
Jennifer Tamas
Department of French
Rutgers University
Bertrand Landry
Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures
University of Mount Union
Prize Committee Chair
Abby Zanger
Independent Scholar
Gilles Declercq (term: 01/2014 to 12/2017)
Institut d’Etudes théâtrales
Université Sorbonne nouvelle
Deborah Steinberger (term: 01/2015 to 01/2017)
Department of foreign Languages and Literatures
University of Delaware
Michèle Rosellini (term 01/2016 to 12/2018)
Institut d’histoire de la pensée classique
ENS Lyon
Jennifer Row (term 01/2016 to 12/2018)
Romance studies
Boston University
Ellen McClure (term 01/2017 to 12/2019)
Department of French and Francophone Studies
University of Illionois at Chicago
Christophe Schuwey (term 01/2017 to 12/2019)
Département des langues et littératures—Domaine Français
Université de Fribourg





Approved November 5, 2011


ARTICLE I: Name and Logo

  1. The name of the Maine nonprofit corporation as filed with the Secretary of State for Maine is SE17 which stands for “The Society for Interdisciplinary French Seventeenth-Century Studies” (the “Society”) in English, and the “Société d’études pluridisciplinaires du dix-septième siècle français” in French. The SE17 logo is visible at the top of this page. It is the only legitimate SE17 logo. It must be used to identify any and all official SE17 documents, whether in black and white or in color.
  2. Neither the above name or logo may be used by any person or organization in an activity not officially connected to or officially authorized by SE17.


ARTICLE II: Purposes

  1. The purposes of SE17 shall be solely the disinterested promotion and advancement of scholarship in and teaching of all aspects of French seventeenth-century studies.
  2. The purposes of SE17 shall extend to any and all countries, states or territories, where there may be persons residing who are interested in the purposes of SE17.
  3. In the course of its activities, neither SE17, nor any of its individual members acting in duly authorized fashion on behalf of SE17, may engage in other ventures, particularly for-profit commercial enterprise, or use for such purposes the Society's name, or the SE17 logo, in whole or in part, unless duly authorized to do so by the Board of Directors of SE17, as defined in Article III of the Bylaws.
  1. Neither SE17, nor its individual members acting in authorized fashion on behalf of SE17, may, in the course of its activities, promote or endorse a particular political candidate, political point of view, or political agenda, whether American or foreign.


ARTICLE III: Membership

  1. Membership in SE17 shall be open to all persons regardless of age, color, creed, marital status, national origin, nationality, physical disability, political opinions or affiliations, race, sex, or sexual orientation, as consistent with the purposes and activities of SE17.  Membership shall be granted by the Board of Directors upon application pursuant to the procedures established by the Board.
  2. An individual's membership in SE17 may be terminated by the member upon notification of the Board of Directors of SE17, or by SE17 upon decision of its Board of Directors, with or without cause, and due notification of the individual member.
  3. Members shall pay annual membership dues for each calendar year, the amount of which to be determined by the SE17 membership at an annual meeting by majority vote of members present. Membership includes annual subscription to the Society’s journal: Cahiers du dix-septième: An Interdisciplinary Journal, a publication which is the sole property of the SE17.


ARTICLE IV: Activities of SE17

  1. The members of SE17 shall meet normally in an Annual Conference, in order to discuss SE17 business, and also to provide individual members with the opportunity to bring before their colleagues the results of their research, consistent with generally accepted standards of scholarship. The latter activity shall take place within regularly organized sessions.
  1. SE17 shall publish selected proceedings from the Annual Conference and other selected research in French seventeenth-century studies, as may have been submitted independently, in the Society’s journal: Cahiers du dix-septième: An Interdisciplinary Journal.

ARTICLE V: Registered Office

The initial Registered Office of the corporation shall be c/o John Moncure, Moncure & Barnicle, 9 Bowdoin Mill Island, Topsham, Maine 04086. The corporation’s primary place of business shall be on the campus of its Executive Director, c/o Katherine Dauge-Roth, Department of Romance Languages, Bowdoin College, 7800 College Station, Brunswick, Maine 04011.

The Annual Conference shall be held in a location approved by the SE17 membership, or by the Board of Directors on behalf of said membership.

ARTICLE VI: Languages

English or French shall be the sole languages used at the Annual Conference, whether in the conduct of official SE17 business, or in the public reading of or responding to research papers.

ARTICLE VII: Attendance at the Annual Conference

Anyone wishing to attend the Annual Conference must be, or become, a member of SE17 at the Conference and pay the required registration fee and membership dues if not already paid for the current calendar year, whether or not reading a paper, responding, or chairing a session. Invited plenary speakers and the faculty, staff, and students of the host institution may, at the discretion of the current President, be exempted from paying membership dues and the registration fee. The host institution is defined as the institution of higher learning contributing significantly in cash or in kind to the support of the Annual Conference being held on or near its campus.

  1. Subject to the conditions listed in the paragraphs below, all members attending the Annual Conference shall be permitted a maximum of two separate scholarly (not administrative) activities in any one Annual Conference. Scholarly activities consist of reading papers, chairing academic sessions, and/or acting as respondent in academic sessions.
  2. No one may read more than one paper at the Annual Conference.
  3. No one may both read a paper and act as discussant or respondent in the same academic session.
  1. No one may chair an academic session and also read a paper in the same session.
  1. No one may chair an academic session, whether the same or a different one, two years consecutively, unless there are extraordinary circumstances.
  2. Papers may not be read in absentia, unless there are extraordinary circumstances. The current President shall decide, upon petition by the conferee, and in consultation with the chair of the affected session, whether granting permission for a reading in absentia is warranted. In any case, the full conference registration fee must have been paid within the prescribed deadline. If the fee has been paid and the President, after suitable consultation, has decided against the reading in absentia, the registration fee may be returned, in whole or in part.

ARTICLE VIII: Leadership and Its Election

The leadership of SE17 shall consist of the Board of Directors, which shall comprise permanent members: the Founder, Executive Director, Secretary, Editor, Associate Editor, Book Review Editor, Website Editor, Bibliographer, and the Public Relations Officer and also nonpermanent members: the past President, current President, and five members-at-large. The Executive Director chairs the Board of Directors.

  1. Permanent Board of Directors members: the Executive Director, the Secretary, the Editor, the Website Editor, the Bibliographer, and the Public Relations Officer shall be elected at the Annual Conference Business Meeting, upon nomination, or confirmation, and shall continue in office until replaced by vote of the membership. The Associate Editor and the Book Review Editor shall be appointed by the Editor in consultation with the Board of Directors.
  2. Nonpermanent Board of Directors members: upon nomination and election at the Annual Conference Business Meeting, the current President is chosen and assumes current office for a one (1) year term. The previous year's President becomes past President and remains a member of the Board of Directors for the following year. The five members-at-large are elected for a period of two years. In order to accomplish staggered terms, the currently serving at-large Board members shall continue to serve their remaining terms and new at-large Board members shall be elected as required to replace those whose terms are expiring. All elected members of the Board of Directors shall begin serving their term upon January 1 of the year following the Business Meeting at which they were elected.


ARTICLE IX: Definitions and Responsibilities
of Members of the Board of Directors and Officers:

  1. The Founder originally founded the Society in 1982 on the campus of the University of Georgia; as long as he is able, he will continue to assist any other members of the Board of Directors with advice as needed, and participate in the deliberations of the Board of Directors at the Annual Conference.
  2. The current President is elected by the Board of Directors and organizes and chairs the current Annual Conference.
  3. The past President, who organized and hosted the previous year’s Annual Conference, assists the current President with conference organization.
  4. The Executive Director leads and represents the Society, chairs the Board of Directors, carries out the normal business of SE17, maintains the membership database and administrative sections of the website, communicates with the membership, collects membership dues, manages the funds, and assists the current President and the rest of the Board of Directors as needed.
  5. The Secretary takes and prepares the minutes, maintains and updates the by-laws,  assists the Executive Director with the preparation of meeting agendas and annual reports, the election of officers, and SE17 correspondence, and assists the current President, and the rest of the Board of Directors as needed.
  6. The Editor edits and publishes the Society’s journal: Cahiers du dix-septième: An Interdisciplinary Journal and carries out other duties consistent with this function.  The Associate Editor and Book Review Editor assist the Editor.
  7. The Website Editor publishes and maintains the SE17 Website, with the exception of the administrative and the Cahiers du dix-septième: An Interdisciplinary Journal sections.
  8. The Bibliographer compiles a list of the members’ current research and publications, publishes articles highlighting members’ accomplishments, and assists members in publicizing their own work on the SE17 website.
  9. The Public Relations Officer promotes the Society, its website, and the Cahiers du dix-septième: An Interdisciplinary Journal to its membership and beyond, communicates with other scholarly societies, and assists the Executive Director, Editor, the Website Editor, and the President as needed.
  10. The members-at-large are elected by the members of SE17. They assist and advise the other members of the Board of Directors as needed, or by conveying to them requests from the general membership.
  11. All such elections shall be solely by the members present during the Business Meeting, with no quorum requirements, voting on the basis of a simple majority.


ARTICLE X: Distribution of Assets upon Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the corporation, the Board of Directors shall distribute its assets to another organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of scholarship in and teaching of all aspects of French seventeenth-century studies that is tax exempt under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

ARTICLE XI: Amendments to the Bylaws

The Bylaws may be amended, in whole or in part, by at least two-thirds of those eligible members of the SE17 voting in person during the Business Meeting at the Society’s Annual Conference. Proxy and/or absentee ballots are not permitted.

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